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Take an industry-specific approach to becoming a secure, intelligent, connected enterprise – and achieve breakthrough speed and value.

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Will You Be Victor or Victim of the Emerging Secure, Intelligent, Connected Enterprise?

If you are like most global organizations today, most of your digital transformation efforts have gone into enhancing the customer experience and improving the Backoffice operations.

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Accelerate Your Intelligent Enterprise Strategy

Every year, your company announces transformation programs outlining key priorities. But when it comes to bringing these programs to life, it can be hard to know who to trust and where to start. You have a lot of SIs talking about how it should be done and a lot of tech platforms clamoring to be your chosen solution.

But it's no longer a simple buy versus build discussion. The levels and nuances of buy versus build have changed because what is core to your business and what is context is constantly changing. Instead, we’re seeing continuous modernization in the market, and a need to reckon with legacy technologies, partnerships, systems and ways of working.

You have your priorities. It's no longer a question of “what” to do. The problem is the “how.” You need an unbiased, objective opinion not just on the how to do it, but also “who” to partner with to achieve your goals.

We do the “how” and the “who.”

Connect Your Enterprise

Secure, intelligent, connected enterprises are already happening in pockets. Become a breakthrough business by connecting your enterprise now.

Discover how to:

  • Prepare for all the devices that were not connected yesterday to be connected today
  • Account for your cybersecurity and network challenges
  • Connect your customers, products and operations
  • Deliver your assets “as a service” (XaaS) while retaining ownership for extended revenue opportunities
  • Enable new economies from your partner ecosystem
  • Move from annual budgeting toward continuous budgeting
  • Use intelligent automation “sense and respond” technologies to reduce need for human intervention and drive efficiencies

A smart enterprise uses new ways of working and a modern operating model to become more efficient and achieve better value from tech investments. ISG can help you create a “who” and “how” strategy to accomplish your goals, and build a strategy realization office – or elevated TMO – to put strategy into action.

connected products, partner ecosystem, operations and customers

How do you justify modernization efforts?

+ Add to top line and revenue


Generate New Revenue Streams

Sell new products and services to new and current customers


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Sell more of your portfolio to your current customers

- Optimize value and bottom line


Optimize Your Operations

Cut costs out of your bottom line and increase efficiency


Innovate Using Your Partner Ecosystem

Co-create with and inform your network of suppliers to get what you need to thrive

Business Technology  Platform Modernization 

How are your technology investments enabling your business outcomes?

You know where you want to be; we know how to get you there. To enter new markets, increase efficiency, enable new ways of working, or achieve any other core business goal, you need to align on and execute your tech strategy to drive business transformations.

We help you structure, source and then govern the implementation of new transformed capabilities into your environment.

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