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Top 5 Manufacturing Priorities 2024

Amidst the swift evolution of technology and changing global dynamics, the manufacturing industry is undergoing significant transformations.

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Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Concepts such as Internet of Things (IoT), democratized engineering and manufacturing, open-source development models, adaptive manufacturing and 3-D printing together form the current manufacturing renaissance.

Do you know how to leverage new technologies and the captured data to become more efficient? Are you building a new operating model to gain the visibility, flexibility and agility that you need to succeed in the digital age? Do you know how to address organizational adoption of new initiatives?  Do you know how to build a reliable business case model?

For ISG, the smart manufacturing landscape spans the value chain from smart products, smart production and smart services, and from shopfloor up to ERP and cloud. ISG’s deep expertise in smart manufacturing solutions can help you succeed to ace your “must win” battles:

  • Rapidly attract customers with innovative features, services and data-driven experiences
  • Adopt a secure, connected and software-driven factory for improved efficiency
  • Ensure your business is focused on the right metrics  
  • Identify the technology architecture to optimize “cloud to edge” continuum and handle real time and unstructured IoT data
  • Establish independent software platforms sourcing strategies
  • Foster agile processes, enterprise working models, governance
  • Establish an agile contracting model to enable flexible and collaborative sourcing
  • Have a robust organizational change capability to ensure adoption of new capabilities.

ISG Smart Manufacturing Study

ISG's recent study shows manufacturers are reporting significantly higher levels of success year-over-year.

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Managing Your Global Mobile and IoT Network

In the coming years, millions of devices globally will lose the ability to communicate as Mobile providers sunset legacy technology. This means software updates, product monitoring data and customer experience will just stop. ISG monitors over 800 carrier technologies across 200 countries so you can plan accordingly.

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TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing (Chicago)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires more connected operations across the org. Up-level factory automation.

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