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State of Applied Generative AI Market Report

Our aim with this report is to look past the hype and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape for enterprise adoption of generative AI.

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Innovation & Long-term Growth Continues Despite Market Conditions

Optimizing innovation and emerging technology resources is critical. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to gain an understanding of how emerging technologies will impact enterprise business models. You might be asking:

  • Are we innovating enough to remain relevant?
  • What are we missing when it comes to new technologies?
  • How can we optimize our emerging technology strategy?
  • How will our enterprise business models be impacted by emerging technologies?
  • Which emerging technologies should we focus on?
  • Are we being left behind by our competitors? If so, where should we invest?

ISG helps you realize emerging technology transformations:

We help your enterprise with:

  • Understanding the market landscape of emerging technology providers and capabilities
  • Strategizing continuous innovation while concurrently optimizing resources
  • Modeling operational impacts of highly disruptive emerging technologies
  • Aligning business value requirements with emerging technology investments
  • Shaping preparedness plans to prioritize and manage emerging technology pilots 

Leveraging today's burning platforms:

We connect enterprises, technology providers and emerging tech with sourcing, operating model and deep technology expertise, helping you build a strategy to achieve tangible business results from your innovation initiatives.

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Somewhere, someone is innovating – we help you meet them and build a rigorous emerging technologies strategy.

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We help tech providers with:

  • Sourcing lighter-weight emerging technology capabilities
  • Developing differentiating and purpose-built enterprise solutions
  • Communicating value propositions for specific emerging technology capabilities
  • Translating emerging technology investments into realizable business value
  • Shape methodologies to support market interest and demand

Defining our technology focus:

In sharp contrast to today’s hype cycle, ISG helps businesses take action in pursuit of business fundamentals. We help enterprises strategically shape tomorrow's operating model to achieve innovation measurable via business results. We focus on 4 key pillars of emerging technologies:



Human-centered AI

An approach to designing and developing AI systems that prioritize the needs, capabilities and perspectives of human users.

Generative AI

A large language model developed by OpenAI that is designed to generate human-like responses to text-based prompts.

Digital Twins

Virtual replicas of physical objects, processes or systems that are used to simulate and analyze their behavior in a digital environment.


Web 3


A hypothetical future iteration of the internet that is a fully-immersive and interactive virtual world. The digital avatars can interact with each other and their surroundings in real-time.

Smart Contracts

Self-executing contracts that automatically execute the terms of an agreement when certain conditions are met.

Decentralized Apps

Applications that run on decentralized networks, such as blockchain, rather than on centralized servers.



Quantum Computing

Principles of computer science, physics and mathematics that uses quantum mechanics to solve complex problems faster than on classical computers. 

Quantum Communications

A method of transmitting information securely using quantum mechanics. Quantum communication uses the properties of individual particles such as photons, to transmit information.

Quantum Sensing

An advanced sensor technology that vastly improves the accuracy of how we measure, navigate, study, explore, see and interact with the world around us by sensing changes in motion and electric and magnetic fields. 



Edge Computer Vision

The use of computer vision algorithms and techniques on edge devices that are capable of processing data locally without relying on a centralized server or cloud computing infrastructure.

Edge Analytics

It involves analyzing data in real-time on local devices or edge servers. This can help to identify patterns and insights more quickly, enabling faster decision-making.

Edge IoT

IoT devices that process data at the edge of the network, rather than sending all data to the cloud. Devices include sensors, gateways and edge servers that perform analytics and decision-making functions.

Answer Your Most Crucial Questions:

arrow with determining future vision, find the right partners, lead rapid change and realize value at scale on it
  • How do I create awareness within my enterprise on emerging technology beyond the market hype?
  • What are examples and use-cases adopted by firms like mine?
  • What components of my business are impacted by emerging technology and how do I plan ahead?
  • What technologies will drive my firm’s success and who has experience with them?
  • How do I determine what my company should be doing now?
  • What new risks are coming that my firm needs to be ready for?
  • Can I do it myself or do I need help?
  • Who is the right partner(s) to help with the strategy?
  • Who is the right partner(s) to help with the execution?
  • Which engagement models and contractual frameworks should I use to create a partnership ecosystem?
  • Are my employees ready?
  • Are my customers ready?
  • How do I get my organization ready?
  • What business outcomes should I expect from an emerging technology strategy – both internally and externally?
  • How do I measure these outcomes and ensure ongoing value realization?

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Client Stories

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