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Unlock business value and outcomes with smart products & services, autonomous operations, and a connected ecosystem. 

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Grade Your Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Maturity

Find out where you stand in 10 mins, using ISG digital engineering and maturing capability assessment tools.

Re-engineering the intersection of strategy, technology, and transformation

What is digital engineering? It is the practice of achieving elevated business outcomes by connecting core capabilities leveraging modern tools and technologies within your existing business and technical ecosystem. It leverages a diverse and harmonized highway of data and information flow to enable your business to become smarter and more connected. Customer personalization, product design, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance are all key value-driven use cases. To achieve these results, you must leverage a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence, AR/VR, digital twins, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Where are you overlooking value generation?
  • How do you build the right operating model to support your digital transformation?
  • Which partners will enhance your engineering capabilities?
  • How do you drive enterprise change and transformation?
  • How can you deliver better customer experiences, customized products, and personalized services?
  • How can autonomous operations help you drive productivity?

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  • How are your service providers engineering value and bringing cost savings across your value chain?
  • Is your ability to scale-up your pilots across the enterprise sustainable?
  • What metrics are you tracking, verifying, and validating to measure impact of your initiatives against the proposed business case

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The Top Digital Engineering Agenda Items on a CxO’s Desk


Designing data threads to enable scale for digital initiatives in-line with strategic business objectives


Converging business and technology towards a software-defined and agile operating model


Establishing & Improving sustainability goals across the entire business value chain

digital engineering framework and accelerators

ISG’s team of engineering practitioners possesses deep industry expertise and technical skillset that offers independent and objective advisory to help you design your end-to-end digital transformation program.

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How can ISG help you in your transformation journey?

Digital Engineering for Enterprises


We help you assess the current state of your digital engineering initiatives and how you measure against ISG‘s industry benchmarks and best practices. Based on your current state, ISG works with you to develop a strategy that generates sustainable value.


ISG guides the development of your transformation roadmap, with key element including data and platform, relevant technologies, organizational, and partnership aspects. The ISG Roadmap simplifies the complexity of implementing digital initiatives.


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Source and Transform

ISG advises you on your sourcing strategy, guides you in your make/buy/partner decisions and potential sourcing scenarios so that you can effectively implement the roadmap. We support the onboarding of a best-in-class ecosystem which offers flexibility and enables agile contracting to scale and sustain the initiatives. ISG works with you to define the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and governance mechanisms to monitor and track value.

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Digital Engineering for Service and Technology Ecosystem Providers:

ISG helps providers create a differentiated positioning in the secured, intelligent, connected economy. We work with you to shape the market.


ISG assesses your existing portfolio and market relevance to identify gaps and opportunities for improvements.


We help you identify whitespaces and redefine your reference portfolio for chosen industry segments and work toward a targeted traction.

Go to Market

ISG's "market making" services help you reshape your go-to-market strategies. This includes:

  • Deal shaping and market shaping support, such as for responding to the market via RFPs
  • Ecosystem partnership recommendations
  • Sales strategy and sales enablement support.

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Discrete Manufacturing

Learn about ISG's expertise in the manufacturing space, including automotive, industrial and aviation. Embrace digital transformation at speed and scale for better resiliency, agility, adaptability and spend/value.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Learn about ISG’s expertise in building digital solutions like direct-to-consumer ecommerce, IoT, connected smart homes or demand-driven supply chains. From procurement to your network, software, next-gen sourcing and benchmarking needs, ISG brings deep CPG market and advisory insights to help you achieve your strategic goals.


Hi-Tech, Telco & Media

Learn how ISG has helped the world's most respected communications, media and technology companies outrun the competition. Leverage ISG’s expertise to achieve operational excellence, sustainable growth and savings. Are you considering investing in AI, augmented reality or experiential marketing tech? We can advise you.


Life Sciences, Med Tech & Pharma

Discover how we can solve your Life Sciences industry specific challenges. We'll help you navigate regulatory hurdles and cost pressures – plus digitize to focus on patient centricity and medical innovation.


Oil, Gas and Chemical

Optimize your strategic direction and digital projects for defensibility in a transparent industry. Find out how our advisory and solutions can identify and bridge the gaps, enabling your digital transformation goals.


Discover What's Next

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