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Participate in ISG Research.


We are committed to a research process that is open to all.

You do not have to be an ISG client to participate and be included.


Contact us if you would like to brief ISG Research


We prioritize and schedule requests according to our research agenda. We are also open to hear about topics that may not be on our current research priorities. If we are unable to accept a briefing request immediately, we will  contact you when your request aligns with ISG research priorities.

ISG Provider Lens™

ISG Provider Lens™ is a practitioner-led service provider comparison empowered by ISG's advisory experience and data-driven research.

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ISG Case Study Research

Research analyzing the attributes driving digital success in partnerships between service providers and their clients. Contribute by submitting case studies of your best work.

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Showcase your Customer Success

Participate in ISG Research initiatives specifically designed to identify and understand the drivers of customer success in outsourcing, managed services, and digital transformations. 

We are always looking to hear your unique customer stories. In addition to these programs, you can also use the “Briefing Request” form to discuss them with our ISG analysts and advisors.

ISG Invites You to Attend

Attend upcoming ISG events and webinars and join the conversation around topics that matter. Participation of provider organizations may be restricted at some ISG events.

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Get in front your potential customers. Demonstrate your thought leadership and more. Explore the many ways you can benefit from sponsoring an ISG event.


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