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Accelerate and transform the way you work with AI, generative AI, RPA and cognitive automation tech.

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Managing and Scaling Your Automation on Cloud with Flexibility, Security and Efficiency

Some organizations struggle with the initial investment required in software licensing and infrastructure to get an automation initiative off the ground.

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Periodic Table of Automation Technology Elements

Matchmaking Your Business Goals with our Automation Solutions

We think about automation from a business outcome perspective. What are your business goals? How can combining automation technologies from each of these categories help you accelerate achievement of these goals? We can help.

We are the go-to, independent intelligent automation strategy and implementation partner globally. Big enough to deliver, small enough to provide a tailor-made and personal experience.

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An average client saves +4,000 hours per year using the ISG Citizen Enablement Platform

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Move to the Next Level of your Automation Journey

Wherever you are, we push you further. Our robust automation methodologies weave in change management capabilities and digital enablement to empower your success. We help you on all steps of your intelligent automation journey with our 5 D’s.

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Transform the Way You Work

ISG Automation can guide you through the hurdles of adoption, ensuring the optimal future state with best-fit technologies. ISG Automation tailors programs to specific your business needs and helps you build governance that works inside the culture of your enterprise.


We are a top-tiered partner of the major hyper automation software vendors, enabling board-level conversations with our 800+ clients
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Discover the tech, strategy and cultural shifts to optimize your workforce & get ready for what’s next.

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